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01 Dec 2005
File Column To The Rescue

I haven’t had much time to post lately as I have been working late nights on a consulting project for a small publishing company in town. Last night I needed to build a image upload feature into the site. Well…actually another image upload feature. I had already build the functionaity for one area yet it wasn’t abstracted enough for reuse.

Striving to maintain the DRY princple, I started look for another approach and I came across file_column written by Sebastian Kanthak WOW!

First off let me say that plugins in Rails 1.0rc are incredible. No only did I get the feature implemented, but now I have all the additional ability to do thumbnails and other RMagick effects. Thanks Sebastian!

Yet again, what would have taken hours, if not days, with .NET, I completed in minutes due to flexibility and simplicity of Rails and the availability of open source.

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