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26 Jan 2006
Hal Sips The Ruby Kool Aid

I’ve long been a fan of Hal Helms He’s a great teacher, thinker, and “coach” of ColdFusion I learned a lot of my good coding habits from reading his newsletter Although I’m not doing much CF anymore, I still read it. In his most recent newsletter he notes that his study of Ruby is shaping his view of CF. In fact, he’s gleaning from Ruby:

bq. I also began studying Ruby, a language that is unabashedly dynamically typed and fully object-oriented. After being immersed in that heady world for a bit, I emerged to again work with ColdFusion. This time, though, undoubtedly influenced by Ruby, I decided to dispense with the pseudo-strong typing.

Go Hal. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to more on this.

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