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15 May 2006
Interview That Opportunity

Hal and Jeff offered up some great interviewing questions on their podcast, Out Loud I wanted the jot these down for posterity and future reference. I hope they can help you land that perfect job. (I’m still working on that one. ; )

h3. Ten Questions from the Interviewee

Obviously these are beyond the normal (salary, benefits, etc.)

What do you consider to be the company’s greatest draw for developers? Why would they chose this company over another?

What do developers like about the company?

Are there any standards frameworks, or methodologies that all developers adopt?

What traits do you think are most useful to successful developers at this company? (i.e. curiosity, flexibility, productivity, intelligence, teamwork, etc.)

Do developers here work primarily in teams or by themselves?

What are the short-term and long-term goals of the the company (specifically as it applies to development). Does the manager have any idea?

Employees are often unaware of the daily frustrations of managers. What are a few things that you wish developers were more aware of?

How do developers discover the requirements for a project? (Interaction with customer, FLIP water cooler, etc.)

How do you know when a project is done? How do you establish accceptance?

What is the company’s policy on doing work remotely?

What policies does the company have to help employees learn and get better? Code reviews?

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