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24 Oct 2006
Text Drive: The New Deal

I’ve used TextDrive for web hosting for the past year. Overall I’ve been very happy. The server control is unparalleled in a shared hosting environment. My only knock is that their response time can sometimes be a little slow (1-3 days) for support questions. Thankfully I haven’t had very may.

I just found out that they are increase their service (and their price).

bq. I’ll say it another way: $15 per month gets you web hosting (5gb, 5 databases, 5 domains, 5gb of bandwidth), online storage (5 users and 5gb), and email, calendar, address book, files and all the other applications in the pipeline (5 users and 5gb).

Seems like a pretty good deal. I’m especially excited about giving StrongSpace a try. Read more on their blog

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