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09 Nov 2006
Crunch Or Krackel?

Being inundated with Halloween candy, I wondered which chocolate I like the best, Hershey or Nestle. Of course there are many other exotic options, but the question is really one of branding–a Coke or Pepsi kind of venture.

I happened to be eating a small Nestle Crunch bar when thoughts of my childhood crept up. Each summer morning, my Mom dropped me off at the pool for swim practice. I would inevitably stay through lunch charging it to my parents account. That is until my dad got the bill. Then, no more lunches. So my friends and I would do what every American sweet tooth would. We figured out the cheapest, tasty lunch possible. A cherry coke and a nestle crunch bar. mmmmmm.

When dad completely cut off the fund, we’d sneak into the clubhouse and find those little Andes mints for the dining room, and grab a handful. Not quite as good, but they got the job done. Nestle Crunch was just the best.

So I’m thinking? Does Nestle have better chocolate or is it just my fond (and dentally terrifying) memories of my youth that make it taste better than Hershey’s. I don’t know. What do you think? Do you prefer one over the other? Why? I’m really curious now.

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