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10 Dec 2007
Go Ahead, Cheat (It's Ok!)

Though I’m fairly weened from intellisense from my .NET days, I still find myself always needing some type of reference when writing Ruby or Rails projects. There’s always a browser tab with the Rails API, noobkit, or some other cheatsheet . While cheatsheets are pretty and all, they are sometimes just a hassle to find and go it when you just need that little syntax helper. So what do I do, I cheat.

This little command line tool provides a wealth of help at the tip of your fingertips.

gem install cheat

Then see what cheats are available.

cheat sheets

Or just run one (I use this one a lot)

cheat strftime

There are just hundreds out there. And you can edit (fix) one or add your own. The app is just a command line front end to a wiki. Pretty sweet.

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