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21 Jan 2010
Bye Bye Vlad

I was initially enamored with the capistrano like features, yet simplicity of Vlad the Deployer. I spent 2 days getting the “simplifed deploy” working. Well, I thought it was anyway. Turns out that it wasn’t deploying the correct version from git.

I found a bug in Vlad which was fixed in master, but wasn’t in the gem. Then I found another bug in the vlad-git. It turns out ktheory had forks of each with the bugs fixed, but with different gems. I tried to use those, but still wasn’t getting the expected results.

This is simplicity?!?!

I never had any issue with capistrano. So I went back to old faithful. In 10 minutes, I was back to the beauty that is:

cap deploy

Here are a coupleparting thoughts on Vlad:

  • I understand why they broke out all the plugins, but it was a hassle to deal with
  • There was virtually no feedback as to what Vlad was doing during a deploy. I much prefer capistrano’s output on deploy.
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